(3) - In the automobiles world the local store no longer exists. In its place is the bulk food store which is only accessible by car. The only exercise we are likely to get is pushing a trolley down the lanes of big box retail. You are unlikly to meet anyone you know. In our time stressed world we scan the barcodes ourselves in the “Express lane”, then we drive to collect the kids from the gridlock that is the school car park. Pretty much all of this is isolated from the world outside, which by now is mostly automobile infrastucture anyhow.

In a pedestrian world we set out on streets that are safe. We arrive at a shop where we are known and can exchange a little gossip. We might meet a friend along the way or stop at the local square for a coffee. Because the streets are safe and destinations close the kids are free to find there own way home, exploring with there friends as they go. You can arrive home relaxed, you get exercise, you get to meet people and you establish a connection with the environment you live in - That’s not how most of us live today