(2) - GROWING SMARTER:Fighting Sprawl and Restoring Community in America. An Address Presented at San Joaquin Valley Town Hall Fresno, California. November 20, 1996. by Richard Moe President, National Trust for Historic Preservation. www.smartgrowth.org/library/Richard_Moe.html Accessed Mar 08.

“Drive down any highway leading into any town in the country, and what do you see? You see fast-food outlets and office parks and shopping malls rising out of vast barren plains of asphalt. You see residential subdivisions spreading like inkblots, obliterating forests and farms in their relentless march across the landscape. You see cars, thousands of them, moving sluggishly down the broad ribbons of pavement or halting in frustrated clumps at choked intersections or parked in glittering rows in front of every building. You see a lot of activity, but not much life. You see the graveyard of livability. You see communities drowning in a destructive, soulless, ugly mess called sprawl.”